FAQ - Gear for Riding in Inclemate Weather    
  What is the difference between a "lap apron" and a "scooter skirt"?
  Both names refer to "leg covers" that cover the scooterists lower body to help keep the rider both dry and warm. They are generally made of waterproof materials and are often insulated to increase comfort in bad weather. The two terms are often used interchangeably but we generally define a lap apron as a leg cover that attaches to the scooter whereas a scooter skirt attaches around the waist of the scooterist. Our Scooter Mate is a lap apron, whereas our Delux is a scooter skirt.
  What are the advantages of a Lap Apron?
  A lap apron is a leg cover that attaches to the scooter. It provides protection to the scooterists lower body from rain, drizzle, wind, and cold temperatures. Our Scooter Mate is a lap apron. The advantage of the lap apron over a scooter skirt is mainly that it usually remains attached to the scooter, you don't have to put it on and take it off for each ride. Lap aprons are very common on scooters in places like northern Europe where cool temperatures and frequent rain occur. Our Scooter Mate attaches to the scooter via velcro and nylon webbing with a plastic buckle. It will fit common scooters like Genuine Buddy, Stella, Vespa, Sym, Honda, Vino and many more.
  What are the advantages of a Scooter Skirt?
  A Scooter Skirt as a leg cover that attaches to the scooterist instead of the scooter. It provides protection to the scooterists lower body from rain, drizzle, wind, and cold temperatures. Our Body Mate is a scooter skirt. The advantage of the scooter skirt over lap apron is that it can be worn just when needed. The scooter skirt can be quickly removed from your waist and stored when the weather is nice.
  I've decided on a scooter skirt, which one should I get?

The Body Mate is our favorite scooter skirt and is recommended for scooterists up to 5'9" (175cm) tall. Scooter riders over 5'9" should consider the Delux scooter skirt. The Body Mate is constructed of moderately heavy waterproof, windproof, insulated material.. The Body Mate is quite stiff and won't flap much even at highway speed. But the Body Mate is flexible enough that it can easily be stored under the seat, carried in its integral "messenger bag", or in a top box and quickly donned as soon as the weather threatens.

The Delux scooter skirt is best for scooterists over 5'10" (177cm) tall. It too is constructed of waterproof, windproof, insulated material. Since the Delux scooter skirt is larger and made of more flexible material it has a greater tendancy to flex at high speeds than our Body Mate. To counter this the Delux apron is equipped with leg loops and velcro tabs to help keep it stable at high speeds. These features are not needed an normal urban speeds.

  Will Peak Scooters Mitts fit my scoot?
The short answer is "most likely".
Our mitts will fit most scooters. The fit is highly adjustable to fit different handlebar and mirror configurations. However, be aware that some scooters have the turn signals very close to the ends of the handlebars. In this case the mitts may cover the turn signals and you don't want that! Have a close look at the pictures and at your scooter to determine if our mitts will cover the lights on your scooter.
We use Peak Scooter Mitts with windscreens on our scoots. It may be necessary in rare cases to reposition the windscreen to allow for clearance of the scooter mitts.
  What are the Peak Scooter Mitts like?
In a word, "warm".
Our Scooter Mitts provide protection for the scooterists hands from rain, drizzle, wind, and cold temperatures. This can allow for the use of lighter weight gloves and thereby better "feel" for the brakes and other scooter controls. They have a stiffener cleverly sewn into the structure so there is little deformation of the mitts at normal scootering speeds which leaves your hands free to operate the controls. To further enhance your ability to operate the scooter controls there is a clear window on each mitt that helps you see the handlebar controls.
Peak Scooter Mitts are attached with simple velcro and can be quickly removed when the weather is nice, or to remove them for safekeeping when parked.
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